• AML3D and Lightforce progress prototype next-generation titanium body armour with an extension to 2nd stage trials
  • AML3D’s recently granted patent now paves the way for commercial opportunities
  • Titanium body armour industry expected to grow to +US$3.5bn by 20281 

    AML3D Limited (ASX:AL3, “AML3D”) is pleased to announce that an extension to the Stage 2 trials announced in December 2020 has been agreed with Lightforce Australia Pty Ltd (“Lightforce”) for their next-generation ‘made-to-fit’ titanium body armour prototype trials.  Results of the first phase of the Stage 2 testing scope have identified additional opportunities across the ballistics range and testing plate parameters. Therefore, the initial testing scope has been expanded to accommodate this broader range. Both AML3D and Lightforce remain focused and committed in their progress towards a commercial outcome.

    Lightforce is a developer and manufacturer of defence solutions, with operations across Australia and the United States. The Memorandum of Understanding between AML3D and Lightforce (executed in December 2019), has resulted in AML3D’s market leading 3D Printing solution, Wire Arc Manufacturing (“WAM®”), being used to manufacture the early titanium body armour prototypes. Once the full range of detailed testing is completed and assessed, Lightforce will be focused on the commercialisation and business opportunities for the product range.

    WAM® has unique capabilities in that it is able to print bespoke, customised body armour using ‘unforgiving’ materials, such as titanium, with significantly lower emissions and less waste than traditional manufacturing techniques such as forging and casting.

    The global armour market is demanding customisable ‘made-to-fit’ solutions whereby the torso of a soldier is scanned, with the armour then produced for that soldier’s specific requirements. This innovative offering is set to be a disruptor in an industry expected to exceed +US$3.5bn by 20281 and being driven by increasing global tensions and advances in modern technologies, such as 3D Printing.

    Once AML3D has completed the additional titanium body armour test plates, they will undergo the same rigorous repeatability testing under various conditions and will be assessed on their ballistic performance. Print manufacturing by AML3D and testing, by Lightforce, is expected to be completed by Q3 FY22.

    Mr Andrew Sales, Managing Director of AML3D commented:

    The global body armour market is massive and growing, so it is important that we cement a foothold in this market. It is a real credit to our team that their work on the early-stage prototypes of next- generation ‘made-to-fit’ titanium body armour has resulted in AML3D moving to the next stage of manufacturing and testing with Lightforce.

    We have the in-house capability and capacity to take on the commercialisation of ‘made-to-fit’ titanium body armour and are confident that the quality of our prototypes in this next round of manufacturing and testing will deliver further successful results. This latest development follows a strong year for AML3D as we move from early-stage development of our business model to a company with sustainable and material revenue growth.”


    About AML3D Limited

    AML3D Limited is an Australian public company incorporated on 14 November 2014 and currently operates out of its Adelaide Manufacturing Centre. The Company specialises in providing commercial large-scale “Additive Metal Layering” 3D printing services to Defence, Maritime, Automotive and Resources customers. The Company has commercialised its technology through Australian Patent: 2019251514, the trademarks WAM®, AML3D® and its proprietary software WAMSoft® and AMLSoft®, which combines metallurgical science and engineering design to fully automate the 3D printing process utilising advanced robotics technology.