AML3D (AML Technologies) becomes first Lloyd’s Register certified wire-arc additive manufacturing facility
  • AML3D signs lease for new head office and contract manufacturing centre in Edinburgh Parks, SA
  • Proximal to key Defence and Maritime hubs such as Osborne Naval Shipyard, the build location for the nation’s submarine and frigate programs
  • Within a 15,000m2 facility alongside Defence and Automotive innovators Brabham Automotive and Precision Buses
  • Facility provides for AML3D’s anticipated growth with ~110m2 of office space and ~1,250m2 for inventory and manufacturing
  • Lloyd’s Register global accreditation has been expanded to cover additional equipment and an increased range of materials

AML3D Limited (“AML3D” or “the Company”) (ASX:AL3) is pleased to provide an update regarding its new premises and an expansion of its Lloyd’s Register accreditation.

Executed Lease for new manufacturing facility

AML3D has signed a two-year lease (plus 2+2-year extension option) within a manufacturing facility in Edinburgh Parks, South Australia. This is another key milestone achieved for AML3D and allows the Company to move forward in the next phase of its growth strategy.

Edinburgh Parks is a key industry precinct in South Australia and is a major research and manufacturing hub including defence companies such as BAE Systems Australia, Airbus Group Australia Pacific, Raytheon Australia and Lockheed Martin Australia.

Edinburgh Parks is also 30 minutes away from Osborne Naval Shipyard, home to Australia’s two largest naval projects – the Collins class submarine and the Hobart class Air Warfare Destroyer and is the confirmed build location of the nation’s $50 billion Attack class submarine and $35 billion Hunter class frigate program.

AML3D’s Wire Additive Manufacturing (WAM®) technology harnesses local suppliers for feedstock and is resilient to overseas supply disruptions. This is a sovereign industrial capability for Australia and having proximity to global Defence companies is advantageous in accelerating discussions around adoption.

This facility (15,000m2) where AML3D is located also accommodates notable advanced manufacturers Brabham Automotive and Precision Buses both of whom are innovators in their respective fields.

Once commissioned, AML3D’s contract manufacturing centre will house up to 7 large format proprietary Arcemy™ metal 3D printers to meet industry demand for advanced manufacturing with WAM®.  In addition, the Company is progressing with the recruitment of staff with relevant industry experience as this expansion of capacity takes place.

Figure 1: New AML3D Manufacturing Facility

Expansion of Lloyd’s Register Accreditation

AML3D’s pivotal Lloyd’s Register global accreditation has been expanded to cover additional equipment and metals at the current facility. Specifically, Lloyd’s Register assessed the requirements for AML3D’s additive manufacturing facilities and equipment, certifying their conformance to the stated specifications.

The upgrade of Lloyd’s certification includes newly installed equipment and a wider range of Carbon Steels recently tested by AML3D for interested parties in addition to its existing approved materials that includes aluminium alloys, titanium alloys, nickel alloys and stainless steel.  This increased range of certification by Lloyd’s Register is expected to widen the Company’s exposure to commercial opportunities.

AML3D’s Managing Director, Andrew Sales, commented

“It’s an exciting time for AML3D as we move to bigger premises and I am particularly proud of the team in securing this next milestone in our growth strategy. We remain well on schedule in implementing a capacity increase over the next few months. In addition, our improved certification scope with Lloyds is aligned with our expected increase in capacity and breadth of materials produced as we transition into our new facility.”

Source: AL3 ASX – Operational Update. (PDF) MEDIA RELEASE

About AML3D Limited

AML3D Limited is an Australian public company incorporated on 14 November 2014 and currently operates out of its Adelaide Manufacturing Centre. The Company specialises in providing commercial large-scale “Additive Metal Layering” 3D printing services to Defence, Maritime, Automotive and Resources customers. The Company has commercialised its technology under the trademark WAM® and proprietary software WAMSoft® which combines metallurgical science and engineering design to fully automate the 3D printing process utilising advanced robotics technology.