New Customer Purchase Contracts Secured in Defence Aerospace & Energy.
  • Purchase contracts secured with new customers in the Defence Aerospace and Energy sectors
  • High strength bespoke alloys to be used in metal 3D printed components
  • Future commercial flow-on benefits specific to these customers expected

AML3D Limited (ASX:AL3) (“AML3D” or “the Company“) is pleased to announce the securing of further purchase contracts to produce metal 3D printed components from customers in two key target markets, defence aerospace and energy (more specifically oil and gas).

The nature and scope of these new contracts are strategically important to AML3D, with the expectation that further components will be printed for these customers in the near to medium term. Due to confidentiality requirements and the sensitive nature of these projects, we are unable to disclose the names of the customers. The printed components are anticipated to be finalised for delivery to the customers in Q3.

For the defence aerospace customer, AML3D will produce a nozzle consisting of four segments that will be printed using Aluminium ER5183. The nozzle will have a total weight of approximately 500kg and a combined length of just under two meters. It is anticipated that the nozzle will take approximately seven days to print and will be machined locally in South Australia.

For the oil and gas customer, AML3D will produce a plunger, believed to be the world’s first 3D printed pure titanium part of its kind, which will be used in a processing plant. Due to the high pressure and corrosive environment that exists within processing applications, the pure titanium part will not rust and is expected to withstand the high pressures that will be placed upon it. The American Petroleum Institute (API) recently approved the Additive Manufacturing standard API 20S for the 3D printing of parts for the oil and gas sector, not only in the USA but utilized Globally, which offers up significant potential once we get a foothold in the market.

Both purchase contracts are on standard commercial terms with production utilising the Company’s proprietary Wire Additive Manufacturing (WAM®) process.  The components will be subject to customer assessment, inspection and testing for their mechanical properties, internal soundness and to assess AML3D’s ability to produce to specification.

The combined value of the contracts will be circa $100,000, with future commercial benefits expected subject to customer validation and acceptance.

Commenting on the purchase contracts, AML3D Managing Director Mr Andrew Sales said:

While the markets we service are largely evolving, the increasing interest in our offering and eagerness of customers to validate the process bodes well for our future success. These contracts are the culmination of months of technical engineering discussions, and provide a valuable base from which we will build future recurring revenue streams. We also anticipate that once these new customers test the capability of our parts, the opportunity to print further parts will be a logical next step.

This announcement has been authorised for release by the Board of AML3D.

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