Industry uses AML3D for manufacturing self-sufficiency

ABC news interviews AML3D’s Managing Director, Mr Andrew Sales, about manufacturing for marine within Australia with casting and forging shop closures. It’s the kind of manufacturing the sector wants to foster beyond the pandemic . Watch the full video here ( less than 5 minutes).

About AML3D Limited
AML3D (ASX:AL3) is an Australian listed company redefining productivity with the use of wire additive manufacturing WAM® to create certified, stronger products more efficiently.  Incorporated in 2014, AML3D utilises 3D printing to solve complex challenges with metallurgy, proprietary WAM® process and software  WAMSoft® more sustainably than traditional manufacturing methods.  AML3D provides manufacturing on demand services  in contract manufacturing centres and is the original equipment manufacturer of Arcemy®, world’s first ‘production-ready’ metal 3D printers that utilise locally sourced materials to create high performance products closer to the location of use.