AML3D to manufacture prototype for BAE Systems Maritime Australia’s Hunter Class Frigate Program.

  • AML3D signs a prototype part manufacture and testing contract with BAE Systems Maritime Australia.
  • The prototype part may have application within BAE Systems Maritime Australia’s contract to design and build the Hunter class frigates for the Royal Australian Navy.
  • The contract follows the completion of previous feasibility and test work with BAE Systems Maritime Australia to demonstrate WAM® technology is suitable for Australian marine defence applications.
  • The contract demonstrates AML3D’s progress in diversifying its revenue base by accessing additional marine and defence sectors.

AML3D Limited (ASX: AL3) (“AML3D” or “the Company”) is pleased to announce a manufacture contract for the provision of a test part for the purpose of ASC Shipbuilding Pty Limited, trading as BAE Systems Maritime Australia (“BAESMA”) contract to design and build the Hunter class frigates for the Royal Australian Navy.

The test part contract follows previously announced feasibility and commercial validation testing programs that demonstrated the AML3D’s Wire Arc Manufacturing (“WAM®”) is a cost-effective manufacturing solution that meets the Royal Australian Navy’s standards.

The contract for a test Hunter class frigate component and additional test materials will be carried out at AML3D’s manufacturing facilities in Adelaide. Whilst the value of the initial test is not material and is not expected to exceed $200k, AML3D sees this as a significant milestone in the commercialisation of WAM® as a manufacturing solution.

The work associated with this contract will commence immediately and is expected to run for 8 to 10 weeks.
The new contract expands AML3D’s relationship with BAESMA in Australia and is a demonstration of AML3D’s strategy to drive growth by accessing additional marine and defence markets. It is also illustrative of the role AML3D’s WAM® technology can play in supporting sovereign manufacturing capability within Australia, which is also applicable to other markets.

Sean Ebert, AML3D’s Chief Executive Officer, said,

We had great confidence that our WAM® technology would satisfy BAESMA’s testing and move into component manufacturing. AML3D has a focus on the significant demand we are seeing in the US, where we are enjoying a lot of success in winning a steady stream of contracts, but we also have a stated aim to develop our commercial relationships across additional marine and defence sectors. Expanding our relationship with BAESMA in Australia, as part of its work for the Royal Australian Navy, is a great example of delivering on this aspect of our growth plan and diversifying our revenue base.

This announcement has been authorised for release by the Board of AML3D.

Source: AML3D to Manufacture Prototype for BAE’s Frigate Program, PDF

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