AML3D debuts on ASX following $9 Million IPO.
  • AML3D to commence trading on the ASX today at 11.00am AEST after successfully raising $9 million with strong institutional backing including Perennial Value Management
  • AML3D is the world’s first Lloyd’s Register certified metal 3D printer manufacturing industrial metal products qualified for use
  • The patented technology, Wire Additive Manufacturing (‘WAM®) developed by AML3D saves up to 80% material waste and is more sustainable than traditional casting and forging methods
  • AML3D is progressing well with major marine, defence and resources customers including
    • delivery of 1,400kg Panama Chock for a global marine and offshore conglomerate headquartered in Singapore with potential repeat orders
    • sale of the first Arcemy® 3D printer to aerospace and defence prime, ST Engineering (SGX: S63)
  • Funds from the IPO will enable AML3D to continue business expansion, establish additional contract manufacturing centre to capture opportunities via contract manufacturing services and build sales capacity of Arcemy® 3D printers.

20th April 2020 – Adelaide, Australia: AML3D Limited (“AML3D” or “the Company”) (ASX:AL3) lists on the Australian Securities Exchange (“ASX”) today at 11.00am after raising $9.0 million via an Initial Public Offering (IPO). The IPO resulted in a significant cornerstone investment from Perennial (5.3% shareholder) and exceptional support from additional domestic and international institutional, sophisticated and retail investors, closing oversubscribed.

AML3D has patented Wire Additive Manufacturing (“WAM®), a more efficient and sustainable process to manufacture freeform complex shapes and saves up to 80% of material as compared to traditional casting and forging fabrication methods. AML3D is also the original equipment manufacturer of Arcemy ®, large format metal 3D printers powered by WAM ® and proprietary software. As the first Australian 3D printing company to receive Lloyd’s Register certification, products manufactured by AML3D are fully qualified for commercial use and as a result, the Company has garnered significant customers in Marine, Defence, Resources and Aerospace industries.

AML3D is pleased to provide an update on primary contracts referred to in its Prospectus.

Panama chock for marine and offshore conglomerate

AML3D delivered a 3D printed Panama Chock in January 2020 to a global marine and offshore conglomerate headquartered in Singapore. Used in marine applications, the Panama Chock was a paid trial for the customer to ascertain performance via third party testing and future roduction volumes. AML3D believes the advantage to competitively deliver certified, large, custom components for ship building and repair in shorter lead times is of significant value to the customer. AML3D is currently in discussions with the customer on terms of future orders.

Figure 1 – AML3D’s Managing Director, Andrew Sales, with the WAM® 3D printed carbon steel Panama Chock, that is 1.5 times stronger than traditional cast versions.

The WAM ® process provides the opportunity for design optimisation, providing up to 30% weight reduction without compromising in-service loads of 250 tonnes.

Carbon steel dominates as the world’s most utilised metal alloy for industrial manufacturing. The carbon steel market size was $887 billion in 2019 and the entire global steel market is expected to reach $1.01 trillion by 2025. Source: Grand view research[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text css=”.vc_custom_1587351304499{padding-top: 20px !important;padding-right: 10% !important;}”]

AML3D’s sale of first Arcemy® 3D printer to aerospace & defence group, ST Engineering

AML3D is currently preparing delivery of the first Arcemy® 3D printer to aerospace & defence prime, ST Engineering (“ST Engineering”) in April 2020. The pricing is commercial in confidence and extends to AML3D the right to use 50% of Arcemy® for contract manufacturing for other customers in the region. ST Engineering has paid a non-refundable deposit equal to approximately 15% of the contract value with a further 30% payable on delivery of Arcemy® for installation at ST Engineering’s premises. A final payment equal to the balance of the contract is payable on formal handover of ownership of the 3D printer at the end of the rental period, subject to meeting performance requirements and ST Engineering taking up the ownership option.

Figure 2 – AML3D’s Arcemy® large format metal 3D printer

AML3D’s Managing Director, Andrew Sales, comments:
“We are excited about the potential of supporting our customers who are global leaders in the industries of marine and defence. These customers are a true testament to AML3D, highlighting the capacity of our innovative technologies and validating our experience and the team’s ability to implement deals with blue-chip global companies.

COVID-19 has amplified the need for local manufacturing

AML3D has been effective in managing operational challenges presented around COVID-19 at its Adelaide facility, deploying measures as recommended by the Chief Medical Officer and the World Health Organisation to ensure the safety of all staff while maintaining manufacturing operations and delivering to customers on time. The advantages of WAM® technology to manufacture locally has resulted in an increase in enquiries, demonstrating the need for sustainable, advanced manufacturing solutions that are not reliant on overseas supply chains. The Company is progressing customer orders from a range of industries and expects to update the market on progression of these activities in the near term.

About the AML3D IPO

The Company’s A$9m IPO resulted in a significant cornerstone investment from Perennial (5.3% shareholder) and exceptional support from additional domestic and international institutional, sophisticated and retail investors, closing oversubscribed. Foster Stockbroking acted as Lead Manager and Adelaide Equity Partners as Corporate Advisor.

AML3D’s Managing Director Andrew Sales said:

“We would like to welcome all new AML3D shareholders and express our thanks for the exceptional support we received for the IPO. Transforming to a publicly listed company signifies a momentous event for AML3D, facilitating the acceleration of our commercialisation pathway to meet the strong interest in our technology. We are confident the positive momentum will continue as we remain focussed on delivering a customer value proposition through the rapid build of certified, large-scale 3D printed metal products.

Source: AML3D debuts on ASX Press Release. (PDF) MEDIA RELEASE
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About AML3D Limited

AML3D Limited is an Australian public company incorporated on 14 November 2014 and currently operates out of its Adelaide Contract Manufacturing Centre. The Company specialises in providing commercial large-scale metal 3D printing services to defence, maritime, aerospace and resources customers. The Company has commercialised its technology under the trademark WAM® and proprietary software WAMSoft® which combines metallurgical science and engineering design to fully automate the 3D printing process utilising advanced robotics technology.